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5086 Aluminium Tube

ASTM B210, WWW-T-700/5

5086 aluminum pipe is a high strength magnesium alloyed aluminum product primarily used in the marine industry due to its excellent corrosion resistance, especially to seawater. In addition to good corrosion resistance, this alloy also has good weld ability characteristics.

Stock Size Range:

  • NPS:1" through 8"
  • Schedules: 40, 80
  • Tempers: H32
  • Specifications: ASTM B210, WWW-T-700/5


Typical Chemical Composition %
Weight %SiFeCuMnMgCRZnTiEachTotal
Minimum       .20 3.5 .05        
Maximum .40 .50 .10 .70 4.5 .25 .25 .15 .05 .15
Typical Mechanical Properties
H32 42 30

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