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Welcome to Kobs India Group , Since 1995

Seamless Stainless Steel Pipes Tubes

Seamless High Nickel Alloy Pipes Tubes

Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, KOBS INDIA Group commenced her journey as a small firm in early 1995 and was able to establish itself as a highly reputed company in the local as well as international markets through its excellent quality, performance, research, development & experience. KOBS INDIA Group is a consortium of 5 companies namely KOBS INDIA, SIDDHACHAL METALS, TRI ALLOYS, KEVLI TUBES, BLUMET TUBES PVT LTD.

  Behind the growth and success of KOBS INDIA there are years of consistent tireless efforts, hard work, dedication in Stainless Steel & High Nickel Alloys industry, and a myriad of satisfied customers. Advanced technology, high standard products, certified quality regulations and integrated customers service has made KOBS INDIA Group a true performer in the market worldwide. KOBS INDIA Group has always been a reliable partner for its customers.

  At the outset we even aim to facilitate a smooth delivery. It is this overview of the whole process that creates assurance, & more importantly, first choice of every client.

Our Primary Focus:

Quality: Our Impeccable quality products are a combined outcome of continuous improvement and blending our 25+ years experience with modern production machineries and technology. We assure that all of our products meet worldwide quality standards and customer’s specifications.

Service: Our skilled personnel are ready to go an extra mile and offer a vast range of service from tailor made packages to immediate deliveries – “Everything is possible”.

Reliability & Flexibility: Fully Integrated Company which has a global recognition in the arena of Seamless Stainless Steel Pipes Pubes & Seamless High Nickel Alloy Pipes Tubes. “Trust is earned when action meet words”. Truth be told, when it comes to reliability our products have always been the first preference in the minds of customers.